West Lodge Closure FAQs

1) If I am a West Lodge patient will I see the same GP’s.

West Lodge GP’s will be relocating to Glenlea Surgery and if you require a specific GP you can request to see them. We haven’t reduced any clinicians sessions.

2) What happens if I need to be seen face to face?

You will be offered a face to face consultation if clinically needed or you feel one is needed.

3) What happens if I am housebound?

The practice has a housebound visiting service which includes Paramedics, Frailty Nurses and Health Care Assistants and the team will be able to see housebound patients as usual in Farsley.

4) What telephone number should I phone?

The West Lodge phone number will be diverted to phone lines at the Glenlea Surgery.

5) Can I drop my prescriptions off?

Ideally we would like prescription requests on Email or dropping off at Glenlea Surgery as there will be no access to West Lodge Surgery.

6) When will the surgery be re open?

We have a provisional open date of 27th June 2022 but this might change.

7) Will the services provide at Calverley or Glenlea change?

Some specialist services might have to relocate but you will be informed of this if this affects you. We will not be reducing any of the other two sites in clinical provision.