Child health

New Baby Information

Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

We understand this is a changing and sometimes uncertain time and we are here to support you as much as we can. Please click the link below to access our New Baby Leaflet.

New Parent Leaflet


What ICON Stands for?

ICON is all about helping people who care for babies to cope with crying.

ICON stands for

Please follow the link below for more information.

ICON – Babies cry you can cope – Advice and Support | ICON (

Health visitors

Health Visitors are all trained nurses who have extra training and qualifications in child health. They are a fantastic source of information about child development and health, parenting strategies, breastfeeding, nutrition and community support. They also offer help with social, emotional and environmental issues that affect families.

Leeds Health Visiting Services

How do I contact my health visitor Leeds?

If you need to contact a member of the health visiting service please contact the SPA on 0113 843 5683.

Child health checks

Appointments are sent out automatically for routine child health checks.

6-8 weeks old – you will be sent information about this and asked to make an appointment at the practice.

You will also be offered routine health reviews for your child, with your health visitor, at 6-8 weeks, 8-12 months and 2-2½ years old.

Child Immunisations

Immunisations are given by our practice nurses in accordance with the NHS vaccine schedule.

Further information on the schedule and vaccines in general can be found on NHS choices vaccinations.

Immunisation Schedule